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The brand “KYL” – Kustomize Your Life, founded in 2018 it combines a set of concepts: identity, creativity and sophistication. Created by an architect who is passionate about shoes and bags, this project started when she fell in love with a Hermès Kelly Bag and decided at first sight she wanted to personalize it. From this, she has built a platform with plastic artists who are able to express their art in custom-made fashion items.

“I believe everyone should own an accessory that they love. Something that you have imagined at some point, got inspired with, closed your eyes, idealized it and created your expectation on it. This is what KYL is able to deliver, to make your daydreaming item, a reality. There is nothing that our artists cannot personalize!

From turning your new hot sneakers distinct to everyone else’s, to being able to re-create an old handbag into a unique sophisticated and charming masterpiece. Dare to be different, allow us to make art from your memories.”

Karina Lavrador, Founder


KYL offers you an unique and individual experience, our services are tailored exclusively to your needs, where our artists turn fashion accessories into authentic art pieces.

In order for this to be possible, there is always direct contact to be shared between the artist and the customer to ensure that the customer is involved throughout the whole creativity process.

It is possible to personalize any item to shape, turning it into a unique piece or it is also possible to select from the available items at our platform (such as letters and monograms), so that the customer can test and send the sample as close to the final result, as possible.

KYL’s objective is that within each customer experience it is felt a sense of uniqueness and self-identity, even if your accessory is common. We want each one of our customers to dare their creative and adventurous side using accessories that can become a signature of their personalities, once personalized.


  • Available international delivery.
  • Paint can be done in all types of materials as long as they are: leather, nappa leather, fabrics, denim, etc. All sorts of materials will be treated accordingly to its needs and with all caution necessary.
  • We make use of methods of preparation specialized to ensure the long-term durability of the products.
  • Painting can be done in all types of brands’ accessories.
  • The pick up of the item is made at the address chosen by the customer, as so is the delivery of it after the personalization.
  • Timing for the accomplishment of the service will vary depending on the type of and dimension of the painting, however, starting with a minimum period of 20 days.