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Dear customer, thank you for choosing KYL to personalise your accessory. At KYL, we make use of appropriate methods of preparation and care to paint each layer of your item to guarantee the durability of your masterpiece.

In order to avoid any potential damage to the painting and to maintain it well, we give you a couple of recommendations:


  • Avoid wearing it in the rain.
  • Keep it within a distance of heat sources.
  • Do not clean the item with flammable or abrasive materials, such as alcohol and acetone (it can cause permanent damage to the finishing).
  • Keep the item away from rough surfaces.
  • Avoid contact with materials that can leak out colour to the painting.
  • Avoid folding the painted area of the item.


  • Items should only be cleaned with a soft dry cloth or in extreme cases with a cloth slightly dampened with water.
  • If possible, store your item in a soft dust bag.
  • Keep in a dry place.


Unfortunately, due to the tailored nature of this personalization service, orders cannot be cancelled nor returned.

Therefore, none of KYL’s items are refundable or exchangeable.